Share Slideshow Safely

LW Photo Slideshow provides various attractive ways to show and share your photos safely. It can help you backup the photos of your computer, camera phones, Facebook, and popular photo applications such as Flickr and Instagram. Each time you convert a photo album to a slideshow with LW Photo Slideshow, a unique URL will be generated, allowing you to share the photo slideshow with only those who you really want to share with.

It’s easy to share your photos safely. You can share photos through your Twitter or Facebook by clicking a button. You can also click the URL button and then copy the URL for your photo slideshow and send it to your friends by emails. Or you can just click the Embed button and embed the slideshow into your websites and blogs.

If you want to embed the photo slideshow as the following example into your website or blog, you can click the Embed button on the publish page to get the embed code.

If you want to specify the size of the photo slideshow in your blog, for instance, you can do as follows: change width=”600″ height=”450″ in the embed code into width=”200″ height=”150″.

The following illustrates the effect after the change:

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