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How to make free slideshow online with pictures?

   When you need to make slideshow free, LW Photo Slideshow is a good choice. This free Slideshow Maker brings your photos to life instantly! By this free online slideshow builder, we can create stylish photo slideshows from your photo collections in extremely easy steps. Slideshows made by this free application can be viewed at any place and it can work in any platforms like Mac, Linux, Window and others. And please note this application is truly free for any personal, educational or commercial use. In the following part, I will show more features of this application in details and show you how to use this software.

Feature 1. Completely Free free

    This free online slideshow maker is free for any personal use, educational use, governmental use  or commercial use for production. And when adding input pictures, there is no limit about how many pictures you can add. So you can add as many as you need to make slideshow. When slideshow has been made, you are totally free to publish it at any website, blog, or other places for any kind of usage. So you do not need to worry there will be fee or any extra payment charged without your permission.

     So no matter, you are children, students, or website maker, you can enjoy making slideshow free to record beautiful moments. The purpose of developing this software is to help you rememorize moment of bliss in life.

Feature 2. Make and Enjoy free slideshow cross-platform

LW Photo Slideshow allows you to make free slideshow cross-platform, say you can make slideshow under Windows system, Mac system and Linux system. If you like, making free slideshow could happy on some small deceives like phone, iPad and other platforms. When taking photos, then you can make slideshow instantly and easily. 

 LW Photo Slideshow can help you create photo slideshows which are compatible with PC, Mac, and some small devices like mobile phone, iPad, Surface, iPod touch, and Android platform cell phones. So you can share slideshow at any place by link produced. Then you can enjoy the slideshow where you need.

Feature 3. More 50 Free Templates to slideshow

LW Photo Slideshow provides more than 5o more templates totally free. There are HTML5 Templates, 3D Wall Templates, 3D Cylinder Templates, Flip Album Templates, 3D Cube Templates and 2D Transition Templates.
By this HTML5 Templates, you can create HTML5-based slideshow templates to your album. By it, you can make movie-like online slideshow, photo wall with beautiful background and background music , etc.

By 3D Wall Templates, you can make slideshow like 3D wall. The effect will be quite shocking and stunning. By the 3D Cylinder Templates, we can make a horizontal cylinder or a section of a horizontal cylinder. In the 2D Transition Templates, you can add effect of fade, split, overlap, clock, and spin.

Feature 4. Share slideshow free online.

   When you register on LW Photo Slideshow, there will be an account given for you. When you login your account then you can make slideshow at once.  Once slideshow has been made, there will be URL of slideshow produced, by which you can open it at any place where internet connection is available.

  Meanwhile, there will be embedded code provided. By the code, you can embed slideshow at any website, blog or other places. There is no logo or watermark of produced slideshow, so you can use it clean and safe.

                 How to make slideshow free by LW Photo Slideshow?

This online slideshow maker is quite easily to use. In the following part, I will show you how to use in brief steps.

Step 1. Open website of LW Photo Slideshow. When you open this website then you will see demo slideshow like the following snapshot. Please register an account on this website then click button Make Slideshow.

website of slidshow

Step 2. Make side show. When making slideshow, you can add image of jpg, gif, tiff, png and others. This software also supports animated GIF. All the detail steps will be shown here. Click button Browse Files to add image file and then when adding finishes, they will be shown below. 

choose input slideshow

  • Then you cal click button Next, you will enter setting menu where you can set background music and choose output template. The following snapshot is from the setting menu options. Here you can control size of slideshow, add sound to slideshow, add background to slideshow and do more setting. In the Template part, please choose template applied in slideshow. The click button Apply.

setting menu option

Step 3. Share Slideshow. Click button Publish then you can publish the slideshow to website. Then there will be URL, embed code produced. Please check details in the following snapshot. Please copy the code here then you can embed the slideshow to any website or blog. If you copy the URL then you can open this slideshow at any place. Click option Edit Name then you can change name of the slideshow. There is a button named My slideshow, where you can check all published slideshow in your account.

publish slideshow

Now let us check the embed effect from the following slideshow.

This wonderful online slideshow maker is totally free, we can confirm here, so you can use it without any limitations. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

How to show products by slideshow?

If you are due to build a website for showing your company culture or products, maybe you can embed photo slideshow to your company website. LW Photo Slideshow allows you to make stunning slideshows from photos totally free.

And this website does not limit added photos, so you can add as many as you need. Meanwhile, there are tens of mode of slideshow for you to choose. I made one for your reference here. Please have a check.

During the making, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.